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“Live and die with Him, this is the glorious work of a Christian; in a word, this is our profession. If we do not know it, we must learn it.”

Brother Lawerence

Lectio: God

What do we mean when we say “God”? Misconceptions about God abound, even among Christians, and these misconceptions can become obstacles in our relationship with God. Join us as Tom Judge leads us through a video presentation from Dr. Elizabeth Klein in a careful study of Scripture that will lead you to a deeper and clearer awareness of who God is, and what he is calling you to.

  • Sundays @ 10:30am (during Religious Ed.) in Hobert Hall
  • Beginning January 22
  • Leader: Tom Judge – email [email protected]

Lectio: Mary

Why is Mary so important to Catholics, and why have so many people been devoted to her over the centuries? In this 8-part video series, facilitated by Erin Stroot, Dr. Brant Pitre examines what the Old and New Testaments, the life of Christ, and the early Church fathers reveal about the life and identity of Mary.

  • Sundays @ 6:00pm in the Stroot home (Berryville)
  • Kids hangout space available during the group
  • Beginning January 29
  • Leader: Erin Stroot – [email protected]

Doctors of the Church

37 women and men have been given the title ‘Doctor of the Church’, spanning from Irenaeus (b. 130) to Therese of Lisieux (b.1837).

This spring we will examine the lives and work of these saints, focusing on 10 in particular in order to get a grip on their theological and spiritual insights and, in the process, work our way through the history of the church.

  • Wednesdays at 7:00pm in Hobert Hall
  • Beginning February 1
  • Leader: Calvin Smith – [email protected]

‘The Chosen’ Watch Party

‘The Chosen’ is an acclaimed video series that tells the stories of the first disciples to follow Jesus. They are great, but also the sorts of videos that you want to watch with someone so you can talk about them afterwards.

This spring the Smiths will be holding monthly watch parties in their home in Winchester where we can have some popcorn, watch an episode, and have a good conversation afterwards.

  • Monthly at the Smith home (Winchester)
  • Start date TBD
  • Leaders: Rebekah and Calvin Smith – [email protected]

The Eucharist and the Church

“The church draws her life from the Eucharist.”

So begins Pope St. John Paul II in his 2003 encyclical Ecclesia de Eucharistia. This spring we will read and discuss this encyclical together and learn anew the ways in which we draw our corporate and individual lives from the Holy Eucharist.

  • Mondays @ 1:00pm (after noon Mass) in Hobert Hall
  • Beginning January 16
  • Leader: Chet Lewandoski – [email protected]

Join us as we explore the core questions that we need to wrestle with if we want to experience all that God has for us. How can I conquer my fears? What is the role of the Holy Spirit in my life? What does the Eucharist have to do with my friendship with Christ? What are the limits of Christ’s forgiveness? Why and how should I pray? What is the role of suffering in my life? What challenges will I face in my efforts to follow Jesus more closely?

  • Thursdays 7-8:30pm in Hobert Hall
  • All women are welcome to join this Bible Study in January 2023 or after.  You will have no trouble joining us in the middle of the study.
  • Leaders: Marcia Cochran – ([email protected]) or Sarah Jawaid ([email protected])

Book Studies

We have a mix of newly forming and ongoing midday book study groups. These groups read a mix of classic and contemporary authors, leading to good discussion and new friendships. If you are interested in joining a book study, contact Calvin Smith for current offerings.

Contact: Calvin Smith – [email protected]